ACME Glass – A History

In 1946, two brothers, Leonard and Bruce Morehead moved to the area and opened ACME Glass in downtown Bryan. This location was just a small section of a building in the 100 block of Regent street, on the side of the current Insight Group building.

The Morehead brothers worked long, hard hours, with duties including answering phones, installing glass, bookkeeping and sales calls. They made many long time friends and customers.

In the mid ’50s, they moved to the Howell Tile building and shared the facility with the 7UP Bottling plant. The business continued to grow, specializing in auto glass replacement. In 1961, the Morehead brothers purchased the building at 223 South Main from Jennie June Howell Harris and in 1962 purchased the other half from her brother R.W. Howell. They proceeded to make renovations to utilize the entire facility, expanding services to include glass for homes and businesses. In 1964, ACME Glass Company was incorporated.

Between the mid ’60s and early ’80s, Leonard’s and Bruce’s families were involved in the day to day business.

Leonard and Bruce purchased a vacant lot across from Texas A&M University in the late 60s for future expansion into College Station. In 1973 a facility was constructed and a second location at Eastgate was opened across from campus, under the management of Roger Richards, a young Texas A&M graduate that had worked his way through college employed at ACME Glass.

1981 and 1982 were the years for many changes. Mitchell, one of Leonard’s two sons, was transferred to manage the College Station store when Roger Richards left to pursue other interests. Leonard purchased Bruce’s share of the company. Leonard appointed his sons Leonard, Jr. and Mitchell as Vice-Presidents of the company and his wife Betty as Secretary/Treasurer.

New construction started on a third facility in 1986 at 810 S. Washington in Bryan. This facility would allow the company to increase opportunities in the contract glazing portion of the business.

In 1994, Mitchell Morehead relocated to the 810 S. Washington facility to work closer with his father. With this move came the combining of commercial and residential services to one location.

The family appointed Mitchell Morehead President of the company in 1995 and his brother Leonard Morehead, Jr. as Vice-President in charge of computer technology. Leonard Morehead, Sr. passed away in 1996, the 50th Anniversary of the company he and his brother Bruce founded.

Today, ACME Glass Company is a vibrant, aggressive company that believes in offering the best products and services at a competitive price. With three locations and 35 employees, we work hard to strive for the best that we can do.

The company also believes in supporting the charitable needs of our community. Organizations that ACME Glass has supported include Habitat for Humanity, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Texas A&M University, St. Joseph Hospital, The Children’s Museum, The Theater Company, public and private school organizations and local team sports.

ACME Glass Company, Inc. is just one example of growth and opportunity that has occurred in the Brazos Valley in the past 65 years. We owe it to the hard work of our dedicated employees and to our loyal customers.

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